Group Therapy

Coping Skills Groups 

The Coping Skills Group is an online Cognitive Behavioral Psychoeducational group to guide clients in identifying thoughts and behaviors that keep them stuck. Participants will also learn and practice coping skills to help them manage stressful situations adaptively and healthily.

It is a 12 weeks group will meet once a week to introduce and discuss a topic/skill. The focus of the sessions will be self-exploration, increasing healthy habits, learning emotional regulation, and increasing social support. It will be a small group to guarantee participation and growth.

Group Therapy for Anxiety and/or Depression

Learn coping skills that will help you manage symptoms of anxiety or depression that prevent you from living a meaningful life.

In this group, you will learn

(1) identify automatic negative patterns that induce or maintain symptoms of depression or anxiety

(2) identify and challenge core beliefs, biases, anxious and automatic and demeaning thoughts

(3) monitor and improve healthy habits that decrease anxiety or depression long-term

(4) learn techniques to cope with anxiety

(5) learn techniques to improve symptoms of depression

(6) learn to set boundaries and communication skills to increase healthy relationships

(7) follow-up support groups for managing anxiety and depression

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